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This past week we launched mobilEcho, our Mobile File Management solution for enterprise iPad users, at TechCrunch Disrupt ( I’d say by all accounts, our launch was a success. We also had numerous interactions at Disrupt with a diverse group of people fellow entrepreneurs, vendors, VCs, enduser, developers, press and others. We were kept very busy and it was very gratifying to see all the nodding heads. People understood the problems with the current state of mobile file access instantly and saw how mobilEcho addressed it.

And most important, we saw a tremendous response from our customers and potential customers. Apple’s iPad has penetrated numerous enterprises and whether its corporate owned or employee owned iPads, mobile file management is seen as a core functionality that needs to be offered to all employees. mobilEcho provides the simplicity, security and management enterprises and IT organizations require.

On TechCrunch Disrupt specifically, the show was great overall with a lot of interesting companies and many great discussions. I did get a chance to walk around and check a few things out but it’s almost a bit of a blur at this point! There were a few things I did like, though. One was Tabbles ( ) which is basically a way to tag files and other content, like emails, and then organize and find this stuff in a new way. There is a good idea in here. Another one that I liked, but I have to admit, it’s more of a personal interest, was yumm (  Which, being a bit of a foodie is really appealing – the app allows me to aggregate all my recipes from various sites (foodnetwork, all recipes, epicurious, chowhound, etc.) into one space. Then it allows me to do a lot of cool stuff with it, like sharing with others, creating shopping lists, creating a food calendar for the week, etc. Again, I am probably selling it short so take a look yourself.

There were plenty of other interesting companies but I just did not get around to see everything (sorry). TechCrunch is definitely a unique event, where anyone interested in what is hot (and not) in technology can see what is about to shift the tech landscape. Plus, with all the startups, it’s a fun place to be. A lot of people with some really cool ideas. Worth checking out if this is up your alley. There’s one coming up in San Francisco in the Fall.

Anders Lofgren, VP Product Management

Today, we made a major product announcement at TechCrunch Disrupt with the introduction of mobilEcho, the industry’s first mobile file management (MFM) solution. We believe mobilEcho is a game changer for the enterprise and the evolution of mobility. Enterprises  can now take advantage of all the productivity and user benefits of iPad without worrying about the security and management of enterprise files by implementing  mobilEcho. With the simplicity demanded by end-users, and the security and management required by enterprise IT, mobilEcho provides organizations with the foundation for their mobile file management strategy.

Here’s how mobilEcho works: enterprise IT can now provide secure access to enterprise file servers for any iPad user, eliminating the need for work-arounds that compromise the security of critical corporate assets and files. Time-sucking and security-violating actions like emailing files to yourself or uploading critical files into unsecure, third-party consumer cloud storage systems are no longer necessary to address the demand for access to corporate files and content.

With mobilEcho, IT managers simply install software on the file server, configure user permissions based on Active Directory, and—voila!—your entire enterprise is ready to go within minutes. It’s that simple. Then, the end-user downloads the mobilEcho client from the AppStore to the iPad, and instant, secure access to the file server is now available.

Here’s what iPad users AND IT Managers can do with mobilEcho:

  • Access, Browse, Preview, Cache and Search Files on Corporate File Server through a familiar, PC-style intuitive application interface making it simple to use with virtually no end-user learning curve;
  • Encrypt and securely transfer files to and on iPad, ensuring corporate assets are not compromised in transit;
  • Remotely wipe mobilEcho configuration and resident  files in the event of a lost, stolen or compromised device, protecting corporate files;
  • Integrate easily with Active Directory, enforcing user access rights and file permissions;
  • Configure and deploy both server and client software in less than 10 minutes ensuring IT can get up and running quickly;
  • Enforce unique application requirements, including turning off or on features based on the enterprise’s unique security requirements, including the end-user’s ability to email files, view files in third-party applications and store files on-device.

So why is this so cool?

When I joined the company back in August we started right in on developing a new product strategy. It was clear to us that iPad was already having a major impact on the enterprise. Today, that seems a bit more obvious than it was back then. What’s cool (and completely different) with mobilEcho is that it is inherently designed to address a key concern weighing on the shoulders of EVERY IT organization considering using iPad in their operations – security and management. And, of course we also wanted to make it simple for the enduser. But make no mistake, it is a product designed based on the requirement we heard from 100s of IT folks.

Without a doubt, mobilEcho enhances the capabilities of iPad as an enterprise platform—whether an enterprise is deploying them for a specific work process like sales, field service, asset management, executives, or, basically, any employee OR wants to support employee-owned devices that are being brought into the workplace (like it or not).

mobilEcho gives users access to all of their files- something that’s a “given” with a laptop. Also a “given” with a laptop?  Storing files locally on device to view offline. BUT, not so with iPad. mobilEcho solves all these problems with a simple to use (and familiar) interface for the enduser as well as security and management controls  for the enterprise and IT organization.

And we’d love for you to try mobilEcho. So we are offering a free trial of mobilEcho. You can download the mobilEcho server here: And then you can download the mobilEcho client app from the Apple AppStore (also free). I think you will find that mobilEcho can become a cornerstone of your enterprise mobility strategy.

We will be at TechCrunch for the next few days, talking to people about mobilEcho, as well as checking out some of the other exciting companies introducing products. I will be back later this week to let you know what we heard and saw.

Anders Lofgren, VP Product Management