Today we are announcing activEcho, our new Enterprise File Sharing solution. In today’s enterprise, people are more collaborative and more mobile than they have ever been. Unfortunately, in some cases this has led many people to use tools and methods that are unsecure, unmanaged, unmonitored and putting enterprises at risk. For example, there are enterprise customers that are using consumer cloud services, such as Dropbox, to get access to their files on their iPads. This might be done unbeknownst to IT or IT has turned a blind eye to the problem. This is not acceptable to security- and compliance-sensitive corporations as well as regulated industries.

What’s required is a solution that provides the simplicity of consumer-grade solutions with the enterprise-grade security, management and flexibility required in today’s IT environments.  This is what hundreds of organizations we spoke to were demanding – secure Enterprise File Sharing and Syncing. We built activEcho based on this demand.

It’s all about letting people collaborate with others as well as allowing them to get access to their files across all their various devices – desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones. But where activEcho differs from many other products and services is that it provides the features and functions that puts IT back in control.

activEcho is the only Enterprise File Sharing (EFS) solution that balances the end user’s need for simplicity with the security, manageability and flexibility required by enterprise IT.  And we do this in several ways:

  1. activEcho was built from an enterprise perspective – We have over 20 years of enterprise experience and hundreds of customers were spoken to in its development.
  2. Flexibility – we allow the enterprise to choose the infrastructure model that is best for them. They can run it on-premise or they can choose it run it in their own private cloud. Or they can run it in Amazon. The point is that IT remains in control and decides what is the best model for them. Most of our beta customers chose to run it on-premise and we believe that will continue to happen in security- and compliance-sensitive corporations as well as regulated industries.
  3. Secure mobile experience – activEcho’s mobile client is really easy to use but where it really shines is the functionality it provides beyond other solutions.
  4. Security  – activEcho provides many key security features that are requirements for many enterprises, including:
    1. Active Directory Integration
    2. Encryption of data at rest and in-motion
    3. Creation of user whitelists and blacklists to control who is sharing file with whom
    4. Full logging, tracking and history of operations
    5. Remote wipe capabilities for mobile devices
    6. Many of the features are administrator-configurable

There is a lot more obviously. We are really excited about this product especially the feedback we have received from our beta customers and some of them have already spoken with their wallets as we have closed several deals already on day one of availability. If you want to see for yourself you can download our free 21-day trial at our web site ( Also a full list of feature/functions can be found on our web site.  In addition, you can watch this video which gives an overview of activEcho and the customer problems we are trying to solve.