This past week we launched mobilEcho, our Mobile File Management solution for enterprise iPad users, at TechCrunch Disrupt ( I’d say by all accounts, our launch was a success. We also had numerous interactions at Disrupt with a diverse group of people fellow entrepreneurs, vendors, VCs, enduser, developers, press and others. We were kept very busy and it was very gratifying to see all the nodding heads. People understood the problems with the current state of mobile file access instantly and saw how mobilEcho addressed it.

And most important, we saw a tremendous response from our customers and potential customers. Apple’s iPad has penetrated numerous enterprises and whether its corporate owned or employee owned iPads, mobile file management is seen as a core functionality that needs to be offered to all employees. mobilEcho provides the simplicity, security and management enterprises and IT organizations require.

On TechCrunch Disrupt specifically, the show was great overall with a lot of interesting companies and many great discussions. I did get a chance to walk around and check a few things out but it’s almost a bit of a blur at this point! There were a few things I did like, though. One was Tabbles ( ) which is basically a way to tag files and other content, like emails, and then organize and find this stuff in a new way. There is a good idea in here. Another one that I liked, but I have to admit, it’s more of a personal interest, was yumm (  Which, being a bit of a foodie is really appealing – the app allows me to aggregate all my recipes from various sites (foodnetwork, all recipes, epicurious, chowhound, etc.) into one space. Then it allows me to do a lot of cool stuff with it, like sharing with others, creating shopping lists, creating a food calendar for the week, etc. Again, I am probably selling it short so take a look yourself.

There were plenty of other interesting companies but I just did not get around to see everything (sorry). TechCrunch is definitely a unique event, where anyone interested in what is hot (and not) in technology can see what is about to shift the tech landscape. Plus, with all the startups, it’s a fun place to be. A lot of people with some really cool ideas. Worth checking out if this is up your alley. There’s one coming up in San Francisco in the Fall.

Anders Lofgren, VP Product Management