As noted in my last posting, this is the first of several mobilEcho use cases we will be publishing over the next few weeks. These will demonstrate just a few of the ways that customers are using mobilEcho in their enterprises. Today, these are more or less more horizontally-focused but over time we expect to see vertical-focused usage as well – Anders

Empowering Decision Making with Anytime, Anywhere Access
From the small business to the Fortune 500, an enterprise’s mobility strategy is driven often by the earliest adopters of the latest and greatest mobile devices and platforms—senior executives. Providing mobile access to crucial applications like email and Personal Information Management (PIM) is a required component of enabling anytime business communication for the management team. Also essential, but not often provided by IT because of security concerns, is mobile access to corporate files and content that are required to operate the business, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

When it comes to supporting iPad, the challenge for IT organizations increases exponentially. The popular tablet lacks a native file system which makes accessing, interacting and moving files from a corporate network to the device in a simple, secure and managed manner difficult. To further complicate things, many users resort to work-around solutions that compromise corporate security such as storing corporate assets in third-party consumer synching solutions or emailing files to themselves. These work-arounds are extremely dangerous as they expose the enterprise to data leakage and other security risks, raising questions about regulatory compliance and corporate governance. Further, they are simply not productive for the end-user nor are scalable for the enterprise.

The Solution: mobilEcho
The enterprise mobility challenges faced by IT organizations in providing mobile file access are not only common, but frustrating. Most IT managers are struggling to answer the simple question: How do I provide a simple solution for the end-user, as well as a solution that meets the security and management criteria of the IT organization?

The answer is mobilEcho, the industry’s first and only secure Mobile File Management (MFM) product for enterprise iPad users.

With mobilEcho, enterprises can take full advantage of the power and freedom of iPad by providing access to corporate files, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other file types. It meets the simplicity requirements for the end-user by using a very familiar interface paradigm that requires no training. On the security front, mobilEcho provides key features such as encryption, integration with Active Directory, and remote wipe capability. And, it addresses IT management requirements by providing an array of administrator-configurable settings and policies through its server-side management console that keeps deployment time under ten minutes and on-going cost of ownership low. In addition, mobilEcho’s support for Network Reshares and Distributed File Systems (DFS) ensure that the largest organizations can deploy globally and support increased use of iPad in their enterprises. With mobilEcho, executives can now access files just like they would with a laptop or desktop. Furthermore, they are able to store files locally on iPad to be accessed offline. For example, one can download documents before a flight and then access those files offline while on the plane. mobilEcho is not only a secure mobile access solution but also a secure mobile file storage solution that promotes efficiency without sacrificing security.

Benefits to the user and the enterprise:
• Anytime, anywhere access to critical corporate documents
• Easy and intuitive to use for added productivity and instant communication of senior management
• Improved collaboration between business units with real time information.
• Enforcement of proper security and compliance for sensitive business data.
• Simple and fast deployment and configuration for ease of use.
• Instant integration with Active Directory ensures security and user policies are enforced.