The second in a series of use cases we are seeing with mobilEcho customers. Will publish a third in the next week or so – Anders

New portable computing devices like iPad have re-invigorated the enterprise move toward the “paperless” office. In addition to benefits like improved collaboration and reduced IT Management costs, many companies are looking at tablets to help them with corporate-wide Green initiatives that reduce carbon footprint through the elimination of paper consumption.

One of the obvious enterprise areas where iPad and other tablets can help reduce paper consumption and promoter a leaner and greener business is with participants in meetings and presentations. Instead of printing out reams of papers, which is both time consuming and not eco-friendly, participants can use iPads as an alternative to paper.
There is no doubt there are clear benefits to moving to an electronic format but this also necessitates that a number of functions become available. For example, for meetings of a confidential nature there has to be a way to remotely wipe files from an iPad or to limit the user’s ability to move or copy a file. Another example is the ability to update documents for meetings that are held regularly. Files need to be updated centrally and then easily accessed by participants.


The Solution: mobilEcho
Meeting material can take many forms – documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other formats – any meeting material solution needs to support these formats. GroupLogic’s mobilEcho provides the flexibility to address most file formats and provides the key functionality to provide the security and management of meeting materials that is required by enterprises. mobilEcho is the industry’s first and only Mobile File Management (MFM) software for enterprise iPad users. mobilEcho enables enterprise IT to provide secure access to enterprise file servers for iPad users, eliminating the need for work-arounds like emailing files to yourself or storing critical enterprise files in unsecure consumer synch services.

Meeting administrators can simply utilize “meeting folders” on file servers to upload meeting materials. Users can then access these files from their iPad by connecting to the “meeting folder.” The administrators can decide what level of access the users should have – read only, ability to store or not store locally on iPad, ability to open up files in other apps, etc. In short, mobilEcho provides the key management and security needs for the enterprise, while also providing a very simple method for participants to access files without any training necessary.

Benefits to the user and the enterprise:
• Supports Green Initiatives and carbon footprint reductions.
• Eliminates the costs of printing and paper.
• Simplified updating of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
• Easily enforce access rights and permissions to meeting materials for assured policy compliance.
• Improved security policy and document management regardless of lost or compromised devices with mobilEcho features like read-only and remote wipe.
• Reduced IT management time and headaches with one cohesive solution.
• Deployment and scalability guaranteed with advanced and intuitive management tools that provide immediate integration with existing ecosystem.